Best Time to buy furniture

Buying new piece of furniture is a big decision. Some people focus on price, while others would rather spend more for high end furniture. Either way, there are few tips and tricks that can help you get the best quality for your price. That can be achieve by buying furniture that are on sale and highly discounted. Some people might think - isn't discount really a marketing method? Normally, yes, discounts dont mean a lot, but during the christmas and other holidays, stores tend to have a clearance, which is good opportunity to get awesome piece of furniture. They prefer to sell some stuff at discounted price because their warehouses are full and they need to clear some space, or they might just want to take small loss hoping that their sofas or beds would sell more at discounted price.

There are some other ways to save on furniture. Cor example, you can assemble them yourself. Not all sorts of furniture, but making tables and chairs are usually rather easy. All you need is best worm drive saw and few free lessons from youtube, and you are good to go. You might not succeed right away, but you'll get better with practice. Of course, this is only worth trying in case you are a fan of carpentry and enjoy spending your free time learning it. If you don't,  you can always wait for christmas holidays to buy some indoors and maybe patio furniture.

Buying furniture during the holidays is also cheaper because of reduced shipping costs. Most people shop at that time, so shipping businesses are operating at really big scale. And the more orders online retailers or regular brick and mortar shops ship, shipping gets cheaper and cheaper. That's why i think that best time to buy furniture is on black friday and christmas sales.

I've also heard that furniture prices tend to be lower early in spring. I don't exactly know why, i think it has something to do with manufacturing, but the point is that demand gets lower, while supply is the same or higher, therefore resulting in lower prices. I haven't confirmed it, but read it on various gardening blogs, and wanted to contribute.

If you still haven't decided, i suggest you buy furniture offline like everyone else does. While online stores like Amazon tend to have lower prices and better customer service, you can't properly measure the furniture online, which is major flaw. In order to properly understand the flaws and advantages of each product, you need to be able to check the material and cushion quality, along with many other little details. And you can't do that online. Plus, online stores usually don't have big variety of furniture in stock, which makes shopping experience even worse. I think it's best to consider both - shop around online first, if you can't find anything you like, you can go back to regular stores. And one last thing, even though IKEA seems to be very popular these days, i don't like them. They are just too big and struggle to maintain highest quality and best customer support. There are many other furniture shops out there, which are way better.

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