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With the revolution in the electronic age today, lots of cars which come with inbuilt Bluetooth or USB to listen to songs. But if you are looking forward to installing one of the best stereo systems, then you need to go beyond the same and replace your existing car radio. There are only 3 things to be considered before changing your car radio into a modern and one of the best double DIN head unit and also, we possibly need to pay attention to how much it may cost for this change.

The Universal Cable or ISO

All major car radios that are purchased come with a universal cable or ISO. But many experts who manufacture cars of many different brands claim that the connector that is convenient is not the ISO. So to connect any double DIN head unit to the car, you should buy the adapter cable which any workshop that install stereos will provide. For installation, you just need to throw away some stuff to put it in position.

The frame


  • All car radios are manufactured in 2 types of different standard: 1 DIN or 2 DIN standard which is the largest. The problem here is that car manufacturers put in the car a radio that, in many cases, does not follow the size standard that we have mentioned earlier. The result is that if you want to change it, you may have a gap in one of the sides of the radio.
  • The plastic frames installed in the cars can be adapted to all cars. Because these plastic frames are made for all car models and they fit almost any type of car radio, even if it is 1 DIN or 2 DIN head unit.
  • If you look for buying such kind of plastic frame, then you should know it is a bit cost effective.  The cost can tend to increase by 10 or 15 Euros, and you have to add it to the price of the 2 DIN head unit.


The 2 DIN head unit can be controlled from the steering wheel?

  • Many cars have the cool steering wheel with which you can control the car radio by the radio buttons. But if you change the radio into a one of the best double DIN head unit, forget about it unless you buy the adapter cable for it. This adapter, so-called interface, is more complex than a simple cable.
  • The adaptor of a double DIN head unit can cost you a bit. If your car is new maybe it is worth making the investment. But if the car is old and you are thinking about changing it, then buying a new adaptor is not recommended.
  • Many radios which are in the box or can be purchased separately have a small remote control that is placed on the steering wheel. It is not only very comfortable but at least you do not have to be turning the head to touch a button.


Bluetooth technology is just a shortrange wireless communications technology to replace the cables linking electronic devices, letting someone to have a phone chat using a headset, work with a wireless mouse and match info from the mobile phone to a Laptop, all utilising the same core process.
The Wireless RF transceiver (or actual level) runs inside the unlicensed ISM group concentrated at 2.4-gigahertz (the identical range of frequencies utilized by microwaves and Wi-Fi). The core technique engages a frequency-hopping transceiver to combat falling and interference.
Wireless devices are handled having an topology called a " star topology." Several units synchronized within this manner forms a piconet, which might include up to eight slaves that are active and one grasp, with added slaves which are not actively participating in the community. (certain system can also be part of a number of piconets, sometimes like a grasp or like a servant.) With the master unit providing the synchronization references, the real stereo channel is discussed by way of a group of units which can be synchronized to your widespread clock and frequency-hopping pattern, in a piconet.

Let's imagine the master system is your cell phone. Every one of the other units within your piconet are known as slaves. This may include GPS device your headset, MP3 player, car music, and so forth.
Gadgets in a piconet make use of a certain frequency-hopping structure, which can be algorithmically based on the master unit. The hopping design that is fundamental is just a pseudorandom buying of the 79 frequencies inside the ISM band. The hopping design may be designed to exclude a percentage of the frequencies which can be used by interfering products. The adaptive hopping technique increases Wireless technologyis coexistence with static (nonhopping) ISM devices, for example Wi-Fi sites, when these are observed within the location of a piconet.
The actual route (or the wireless link) is subdivided into time units generally known as slots. Data is transported between Bluetooth -enabled units in packets which can be found in these slots. Frequency-hopping occurs involving the sign or party of packages, and so the packets that make one transmission may be sent inside the band over various wavelengths.
The physical station is also employed like a transfer for broadcast traffic together with one or more logical links that help asynchronous and synchronous traffic. Each type of link includes a specific use. As an example , synchronous traffic is used to transport hands free audio knowledge, while asynchronous traffic might bring other styles of data that may endure more variability while in the timing for delivery, including synchronizing your calendar between computer and your telephone or making a report.
One of the complexities generally related to wireless technology is of connecting wireless products, the process. Customers are becoming accustomed to the process of connecting wired gadgets by pushing one end-of a cable into the contrasting device into the other end along with one device.
Bluetooth technology employs the principles of product "query" and "inquiry scan." Checking units listen in on recognized wavelengths for devices that are actively inquiring. While a request is acquired, the reading device directs a response show and using the information necessary for the questioning product to ascertain the type of the unit that's regarded its signal.
Let's imagine you want to wirelessly produce an image into a nearby printer from your own cell phone. For transmitting that photograph in cases like this, you go towards the picture in your phone and choose printing being an option. The phone might begin searching for units in your community. The printer (the reading device) would answer the inquiry and, consequently, would appear on the phone as an available printing device. By responding, the printer is not unready to take the text. If you find the Bluetooth wireless printer, the printing process kicks-off by creating associations at successively larger layers of the Bluetooth protocol collection that, in this case, control the publishing function.
Without the user being aware of anything greater than the duty he/she is attempting to perform, like connecting products and talking handsfree or hearing highquality music music on wireless headphones, this complexity continues on like all successful technology.

Desire to start any kind of business is generally good, but you need to somehow manage to keep that desire when you encounter all the hard parts of this business. Managing and hiring the right employees, pricing your furniture and all these issues can get pretty complicated. In order to get everything right, i would recommend talking to someone who is experienced in same field. You might wonder, why would successful businessman talk and teach me, his future competitor? that's why you are going to reach out to furniture business owners who are far away from you, preferably in another state or even country.

Now starting the business itself is whole another topic. There are few questions you need to ask yourself. Are you going to make furniture yourself, or hire someone else to do it? the first option is less expensive, but requires you to have carpentry experience and lots of time. But if i were to start a business right now, i would choose that route. Starting and managing small business by yourself is easy, because you don't have to worry about quality of the work, or your employees ripping you off by doing nothing all day. And if it doesn't work, you don't loose a lot. Well, you will loose quite a lot of money, but not nearly as much as you'd loose if you had outsourced everything. You'll still need to buy tools though - Good tables, small circular saw, table saw, and many other accessories. Choosing the right equipment is very important, so you need to do a little research before buying any of these. I know a page about mini circular saw reviews, which really helped a lot and basically saved me hours of reading time. The blog's name is, TheSawExpert, i linked it before in this tutorial.

Now, the hardest part - selling your furniture. This is a lot easier if you already have base of clients from past, so you can try to sell them to jump start your business. If you don't, it's still doable. Get on facebook, yelp, google business and other listings to establish yourself as trustworthy furniture seller. You can try facebook advertising as well, but i haven't had much luck with it myself. There are lots of promotional methods, but i think the most effective way to sell your stock is to visit fares and other market like events and put your products in front of audience. If you know what you'e doing and furniture is well designed and durable, you'll get lots of sales. It's also possible to sell online - eBay and Amazon will allow you to list your products for about 10 percent fee of the sale. I think it's fair deal, but if you don't want to give up that much, you can try to create your own online shop on Shopify or other ecommerce platforms.

Buying new piece of furniture is a big decision. Some people focus on price, while others would rather spend more for high end furniture. Either way, there are few tips and tricks that can help you get the best quality for your price. That can be achieve by buying furniture that are on sale and highly discounted. Some people might think - isn't discount really a marketing method? Normally, yes, discounts dont mean a lot, but during the christmas and other holidays, stores tend to have a clearance, which is good opportunity to get awesome piece of furniture. They prefer to sell some stuff at discounted price because their warehouses are full and they need to clear some space, or they might just want to take small loss hoping that their sofas or beds would sell more at discounted price.

There are some other ways to save on furniture. Cor example, you can assemble them yourself. Not all sorts of furniture, but making tables and chairs are usually rather easy. All you need is best worm drive saw and few free lessons from youtube, and you are good to go. You might not succeed right away, but you'll get better with practice. Of course, this is only worth trying in case you are a fan of carpentry and enjoy spending your free time learning it. If you don't,  you can always wait for christmas holidays to buy some indoors and maybe patio furniture.

Buying furniture during the holidays is also cheaper because of reduced shipping costs. Most people shop at that time, so shipping businesses are operating at really big scale. And the more orders online retailers or regular brick and mortar shops ship, shipping gets cheaper and cheaper. That's why i think that best time to buy furniture is on black friday and christmas sales.

I've also heard that furniture prices tend to be lower early in spring. I don't exactly know why, i think it has something to do with manufacturing, but the point is that demand gets lower, while supply is the same or higher, therefore resulting in lower prices. I haven't confirmed it, but read it on various gardening blogs, and wanted to contribute.

If you still haven't decided, i suggest you buy furniture offline like everyone else does. While online stores like Amazon tend to have lower prices and better customer service, you can't properly measure the furniture online, which is major flaw. In order to properly understand the flaws and advantages of each product, you need to be able to check the material and cushion quality, along with many other little details. And you can't do that online. Plus, online stores usually don't have big variety of furniture in stock, which makes shopping experience even worse. I think it's best to consider both - shop around online first, if you can't find anything you like, you can go back to regular stores. And one last thing, even though IKEA seems to be very popular these days, i don't like them. They are just too big and struggle to maintain highest quality and best customer support. There are many other furniture shops out there, which are way better.